Have any maps?

Over the years, I have downloaded, created or re-mapped an enormous number of maps in EverQuest.  Unfortunately, this led to enormous inconsistencies.  I took it upon my self to redo almost a thousand files.  I’ve added a menu to this website with a download of all the files. MAPS

Main features of these maps:

* Zone files separated into three portions: Main file for geometry, second file for labels, and third file for coordinates.

* Distinct colors for: Zones (red), Teleports/Secret Doors (Yellow), Location Name (White), Bankers (Gold), Merchants (Green), Parcels/Special Currency Vendors(Bright Green), Quest givers (Teal), Raid givers (Bright Teal), Named/Hunter (Brown), Tradeskill Containers (Purple), Special Tradeskill Containers (Pink), GM’s (Grey), Ground spawn (Blue), and a few others.

* Font size for important features, such as zones are large, other labels are medium, and ground spawns are small.

* Coordinates show a red X with 0,0 with all four combinations of positive negative locations.

* Full credits given to original authors if known.

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