Ring of Scale maps

Ring of Scale maps:

* Frontier Mountains (EoK) – shows connection to RoS
* Scorched Woods (EoK) – shows connection to RoS
* The Overthere (RoS) – new! 2017.10.26 – updated! 2017.10.31
* The Skyfire Mountains (RoS) – new! 2017.10.26 – updated! 2017.10.31
* The Howling Stone (RoS)  – new! 2017.10.30 – updated! 2017.10.31
* Sathir’s Tomb (RoS) – new! 2017.10.30 – updated! 2017.10.31
* Gorowyn (RoS) – updated! 2017.11.02. Towers, stairs, lava done. Did lava similar to Temple of Veeshan. Don’t fall into that area!

Overall, all the maps look really good, even as I edit in 3D modeling tool. As I complete quests, I will be adding location information and other notes to the maps.

If you want a full set of maps, first download the Brewall set and then install the RoS maps afterwards.


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