Welcome to Brewall’s EverQuest map website.  Here, you will find older hand drawn maps along with various versions of my world map.

Going back to D&D sessions, I was always the one with the graph paper, pencil and eraser working on maps.  When computer games came out, I kept going, with large maps of Zork, Ultima, The Bard’s Tale, and numerous others.

With EverQuest, I had a few hand drawn maps, until months later when someone told me about the /loc command.  At which point, I wrote a program that would scrape the locations and build a crude map, which I would then use to draw the zone.  This was well before the in-game maps tool.  I still have a binder of expansions, maps, and locational information by my computer, and occasionally pull it out from time to time.

I still map zones using the in-game tool when I’m not happy with the quality.  Many of the map files I use differ from what everyone else has, because I have altered them so many times.

Enjoy the site!

Brewall Rainsinger
Cazic-Thule / Fennin Server


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