New Set of Maps! 2018.01.05

As I’ve been doing the quests, hunters, and more exploring in Ring of Scale, I’ve been updating my map files.  The latest full version is below.  The legends at the bottom are still in-progress, but at least it has all the hunters & their respective placeholders.

For users on progression servers, I’ve added a number of NPCs in older zones as I’ve run across them. Seems that every time I run through a zone, I can still find something that is missing!

New set of maps!

A massive set of updates to the maps that I use.  A bit of something for any EverQuest player, from Original EQ all the way through the new expansion.

Link to maps:

Overall changes:
* I moved credits/collection/raid/hunter legend info into layer 2 maps. I have a program that I wrote where I can re-generate this information. Lot’s of great info can be found in the legend, and best of all, I can add more without having to dig around editing the raw map files.  A great example of this would be for Sanctus Seru, one of the legend items says: Praesertum Bikun (1/4 Arx Key)- Timer: 3 days +/- 12 hours
* I renamed hundreds of zone connections.  Instead of “Neriak” it would say the actual zone name, such as “Neriak Foreign Quarter”. Another good example would be “Solusek B” will say “Nagafen’s Lair”.
* I reconciled all raid/hunter from original EQ through LDoN and made sure the mobs are listed in the map files and in the legend.  I am almost done with these achievements, and as I have done them, I’ve high-sunned mobs, and clarified their positions.  I am missing a few hunter locations, but I have a record of exactly which ones they are and plan on adding them.
Original EQ
* Halas – added Dok’s Cigars label
* Jaggedpine Forest – added mountains throughout zone
* Najena – added lock info
* Neriak Forest – added all NPCs
* Permafrost Keep – redid pit area. redid passage from pit to Vox’s lair
* Runnyeye – redid coloring to help navigate the different levels
* Steamfont Mountains – redid perimeter of zone. Added mountains. Added all NPCs
* Stonebrunt Mountains – added mountains. Redid rivers and water
* Burning Woods – added mountains
* City of Mist – added lock info. Cleaned up map
* Frontier Mountains – added mountains
* Howling Stones – Cleaned up map. Clearly marked traps. Massive improvement on appearance
* Trakanon’s Teeth – Cleaned up ruins in SW and E
* Veeshan’s Peak – Redid lava tunnels. Added missing areas off the paths. Added missing lava tunnel area in NE.
* Crystal Caverns – redid coloring to help navigate levels
* Plane of Mischief – sunk a ton of time into redoing this zone. Massive improvement over any map I can find
* Temple of Veeshan – cleaned up map
* Tower of Frozen Shadow – cleaned up map
* Acrylia Caverns – cleaned up map. Added labels. Added information on fake bridge, teleporter, and other missing info
* Akheva Ruins – cleaned up map
* Grimling Forest – cleaned up map. Adjusted zoneline to Hollowshade Moor
* Katta Castellum – added all NPCs
* Shadeweaver Thicket – added mountains
* Shadowhaven – cleaned up map. Added all NPCs
* Skyshrine – cleaned up map. Added arrows to maze area. Labeled teleporters. Clearly show pit traps
* Ssraeshza Temple – cleaned up map. Added a missing area to the basement. Added lock info
* The Deep – cleaned up ramp from pit area. Tweaked invisible bridge after falling off a couple times when doing hunter
* Tenebrous Mountains – added mountains
Planes of Power
* Bastion of Thunder – colored teleporters yellow to be consistent with my other maps
* Doomfire – redid the entire zone from scratch. The z-axis in any map I could find was off by a factor of 10
* Halls of Honor – added missing graveyard area near zone in. Added stairs. Added missing SW area of zone.
* Plane of Knowledge – added some missing NPCs
* Plane of Justice – cleaned up zone out area to Tranquility
* Plane of Nightmare – clearly show the one-way cliff dropoff. Also all the dropoffs in the hobgoblin caves
* Plane of Tactics – labeled teleporters, doors, NPCs
* Stronghold of the Twelve – redid the entire zone from scratch. All the maps I could find had z-axis problems
* Vegarlson – redid the entire zone from scratch. Z-axis was horrible in any map I could find
Legacy of Ykesha
* Dulak – fixed z-axis in central area of zone leading the mines. Fixed door locations, added missing doors. Cleaned up area around the bar’s shark hole
* Hates Fury – redid large portions of zone. Clearly marked steps, ladders
* Torgiran Mines – color coded underwater tunnels. Fixed doors
Lost Dungeons of Norrath
* Redid all the zones. Massive improvements to every single map.
* Walls are straight where they should be, improving appearance
* As I was doing the LDoN hunters, I fixed numerous mob locations
* Guk zones – redid all the maps with special focus on the multi-level & bridge areas
* Mir zones – redid all. Noted some raid locations
* Mmc zones – redid all
* Ruj zones – redid all
* Tak – redid all. Special focus on doors & stairs to make it easier to run through the zone
Gates of Discord
* Abysmal Sea. Redid map. Added all NPCs. Added boat path and labeled boat landing locations
* Barindu – Redid 90% of map. Map looks significantly better
* Ferubi – Adjusted zonelines
* Kod’Taz – I took the buildings that Goodurden had redone on his maps, cleaned them up, and placed them into the maps I had
* Natimbi Shores – added boat paths. Added all NPCs
* Nedaria’s Landing – added boat paths
* QVIC – flipped majority of zone over to what Goodurden had recently done, after cleaning it up
Omens of War
* Dranik’s Hollows (A) – redid map
* Dranik’s Hollows (B) – redid map
* Dranik’s Hollows (C) – redid map
Dragons of Norrath
* The Broodlands – cleaned up the labels. Cleaned up map. Lava is now red (versus brown). Consolidated over 1,000 lines
* Lavaspinner’s Lair – found a fake wall and added a missing area to the map!
* Lavastorm Mountains – cleaned up map. Added all NPCs
* Stillmoon Temple – redid map. Looks significantly better
* Thundercrest Isles – took Goodurdens recent map, cleaned it up, added stairs, doors, etc
The Buried Sea
* Buried Sea – used Goodurden’s as baseline. Cleaned up. Added boat paths. Tweaked geometry
* Deadbone Reef – used Goodurden’s as baseline. Cleaned up. Small geometry fixes
* Jardel’s Hook  – used Goodurden’s as baseline. Cleaned up. Fixed ship.
* Maiden’s Grave – used Goodurden’s as baseline. Cleaned up.
* Monkey Rock – used Goodurden’s as baseline. Cleaned up. Added upper levels to tower. Added terrain. Synchronized with Brother Island map
* Redfeather Isle – used Goodurden’s as baseline. Cleaned up.
* Suncrest Isle  – used Goodurden’s as baseline. Cleaned up.
The Darkened Sea
* Brother Island – leveraged Monkey Rock map
Depths of Darkhollow
* Corathus Creep – consolidated 3000+ lines. Cleaned up geometry. Clearly marked zonelines
* Corathus Lair – consolidated 2100+ lines. Colored levels. Added mine tracks
* Stoneroot Falls – clarified zonelines. Water is now blue
* Undershore – clarified zonelines. Water is now blue. Cleaned up ramps
Prophesy of Ro
* Arcstone – added labels throughout zone
Secrets of Faydwer
* Steam Factory – used Goodurden’s as baseline. Cleaned up
* SHIP Workshop – used Goodurden’s as baseline. Recolored levels. Labeled floors to match quest write ups on Allahkazam. Added steps
Empires of Kunark
Frontier Mountains – redid northern line of the zone and added RoS zone connection
Scorched Woods – added RoS zone connection
* Pirateship Interior – created map for this house. Dropped this layout into Jardel’s Hook map.
Ring of Scale
Overthere – my first draft of the zone. Very small file at just 125k. File now slightly larger now that I’ve included buildings & the trail around zone.
Skyfire – my first draft of the zone. Very small file at just 147k. File now slightly larger after adding some of the mountains.

Map files update

I just uploaded a new set of map files. Tons of label changes, zone cleanups, and even reworked zones.

The big stuff:
* Original EverQuest – added hunter mob locations to map & to the bottom legend. As I was adding them, I realized that my maps already had many of them (except for Cazic-Thule). I cleaned up all the names/colors. If I have personally high-sunned a roaming mob to its spawn location, I added a “HS” at the end of its label. If the legend has a ? in front of the name, I’m still not sure where it is located on the map. As I knock out zones, I’ll update the legends. Probably 98%+ are on the maps.
* Kunark – added hunter mob locations to map & to the bottom legend.
* Steamfont mountains – redid almost entire zone.  Why? I always ran around what I thought was an impassible mountain on east side of the zone, but I realized it you could run over it. Can’t believe I missed it for so long from the number of runs I made over to the zones in the NE.  Almost the entire outside periphery of the zone was just wrong in every map I looked at. So, I redid it all and added major mountains, along with a light grey line showing where the incline begins. Added all NPCs while I was at it.
* Heart of Fear: The Threshold – redid large portions of zone & changed coloring. Added more hunter locations based on EQResource info.
* Heart of Fear: The Rebirth – redid large portions of zone & changed coloring. Added more hunter locations based on EQResource info.
* Heart of Fear: The Epicenter – redid coloring. Added more hunter locations based on EQResource info.
* Plane of Shadows – redid coloring. Zone map looks much cleaner & easier to get around. Added more hunter locations based on EQResource info.
* Abysmal Sea – redid coloring and cleaned up geometry Main level of boat is black, upper decks and lower decks different colors.

Medium stuff:
* Added all NPCs to Butcherblock.
* Barren Coast – flipped geometry over to Goodren’s latest version, but added towers from other maps I had along with boat paths.

Small stuff
* The Forelorn Cavern – Added water near back of zone where fishing is possible (for tradeskillers looking for rare fish).
* The Dreary Grotto – Line optimized, took out over 1,200 lines.
* The Asylum of Invoked Stone – Line optimized, took out over 1,200 lines.
* The Moors – Line optimized. Dropped lines from 12,000 to 4,000. Added missing trails around zone.
* Muramite Proving Grounds – Flipped to Goodren’s geometry and cleaned up a bit.  He did great job redoing this zone.
* Kael Drakkel: The King’s Madness. Flipped to Kael, which was already clean.
* Lesser Faydark – fixed location of the zone-in to Mistmoore.
* Mistmoore – fixed location of the zone-in to Lesser Faydark.
* Western Wastes – clarified zone-in to Dragon Necropolis
* Dragon Necropolis – clarified zone-in to Western Wastes
* Runnyeye – added hunter location for mushroom on lowest level where I found another static spawn spot.
* Lake Rathe – fixed hunter location
* Toxxulia Forest – cleaned up cat city geometry.
* Xorbb – line optimized. Took out almost 3,000 lines
* Roost – line optimized. Dropped lines from 7,300 to 4,500.
* Old Blackburrow. Line optimized. Went from 14,400 lines down to 5,500.
* Old Kithicor. Line optimized. Went from 4,800 to 3,200.

New set of maps

A new set of maps that should appeal to a wide spectrum of players.

Get the maps HERE.

Overall changes:
* Added a customized legends to all maps (lower right). When I was fixing the Plane of Mischief map I had, I noticed there was a small legend with ZUKAT 04/07 in another spot. I thought it was fantastic, except that it was far too small to read. I wrote a program that creates customized legends and generated them for every zone in EQ. The items in the legend will differ based on zone (e.g., Kedge Keep will show path to Phinny’s room, Plane of Mischief will show tips to get out of maze, icy surfaces in Velketor and Kael Drakkal). As I redo zones in the future, I’ll probably be playing with this program.
* New 0,0 indicator with 1000 ruler.  The indicator and legend are both on Layer 2. If it gets in your way, just turn off the layer to hide it.
* Hunters! I really liked how EQResource added hunter information that was below the map showing name & placeholder info for Empires of Kunark.  I thought their idea was so good, I added this same level of information to my maps for House of Thule, Veil of Alaris, Rain of Fear, Call of the Forsaken, The Darkened Sea, and the Broken Mirror.  Best of all, the hunters themselves are also included on the maps themselves so they are easy to find.
* Collections! Hats off again to EQResource and how they provided collection information for Empires of Kunark.  I liked how they specified if it was ground spawn, NPC drop, or only found on Heroic Achievement missions. Once again, I liked the idea so much that I added this to my maps as well, and added it for all expansions where collections are available: Rain of Fear, Call of the Forsaken, The Darkened Sea, and the Broken Mirror. If I’ve ever picked up a collection from a spot, I added it to my map, along with the corresponding color tied to the legend.
* NPC additions. In this set of maps, I’ve visited all the starting cities and added every NPC I could find.  Also, if the NPC was a merchant, I reviewed what they sold and adjusted their label accordingly.  Outside starting cities, I’ve added hundreds of additional NPCs, named, location information, and more.
* Zone lines. I’ve fixed a ton of zone lines in Original EQ, Kunark, and Luclin that were in the wrong place, sometimes showing them way up a tunnel or far too close.
* Succor! I hauled around a heroic druid and succored in hundreds of zones and either added or fixed the location. I’ve been tracking which ones I’ve done, and it is amazing how wrong many were.  Eventually, I’ll get them all, but this was great start.
* Lines to nowhere. I’ve run a custom-written program to remove lines in maps where the originating point is the ending point. Lines that are shorter than 2 feet are merged into other lines (unless part of building walls where I want that level of detail). To date, I’ve removed 283,449 lines from the maps I originally obtained.

List of map changes by expansion:

Original EverQuest:
Ak’Anon – Cleaned up geometry. Added all NPCs.
Bazaar – Remapped the bazaar. Looks great!
Befallen – Labeled locks on doors. Added all NPCs/Named.
Blackburrow – Redid colors showing different levels.
Commonlands – Added all NPCs.
East Freeport – Remapped the zone. Looks fantastic compared to original.
Erudin – Cleaned up 2nd floor geometry & library. Added all NPCs.
Erudin Palace – Cleaned up colors for each level. Fixed jail area. Added all NPCs.
Estate of Unrest – Cleaned up geometry. Fixed stairs. Pit traps in basement labeled. Lot of improvements.
Everfrost Peaks – Remapped West side of zone. Added secret path near the frost giants.
Felwithe (both) – Added all NPCs.
Gloomingdeep – Remapped zone (tutorial A & B). Both look great!
Gorge of King Xorbb – Added all NPCs.
Grobb – Added all NPCs.
Halas – Added all NPCs.
Kaladim (both)  – Added all NPCs. Cleaned up 2nd floors, guard towers, house on dock, and more.
Kedge Keep – Cleaned up geometry. Added color coded vertical shafts between levels.
Misty Thicket – Added 2nd floor to watch towers with stairs. Added missing houses. Added all NPCs.
Mountains of Rathe – Added all NPCs.
Neriak Commons – Added all NPCs.
Neriak Foreign Quarter – Added all NPCS.
Neriak Third Gate – Added all NPCs.
North Karana – Added all NPCs.
North Qeynos – Added all NPCs. Clearly labeled pit traps in rogue’s guild area.
North Ro – Cleaned up the Oasis tower. Also redid buildings around the zone (inns, houses, etc).
Ocean of Tears – Visited each island and cleaned up labels, colors, and much more.
Oggok – Added all NPCs.
Paineel – Cleaned up 2nd floor geometry. Added all NPCs.
Permafrost Keep – Cleaned up basement area. Clearly show fake floors on way to Vox. Cleaned up path from basement to Vox.
Plane of Knowledge – Fixed z-axis on a lot of labels. Cleaned up three towers to the library. Added all NPCs.
Qeynos Catacombs – Added all secret doors, fake floors, traps, and one-ways.
Qeynos Hills – Added all NPCs.
Rivervale – Cleaned up geometry in Bank & Tavern. Added all NPCs.
South Karana – Added all NPCs.
South Qeynos – Redid arena & all stairs. Added all NPCs.
Surefall Glade – Cleaned up the bear caves. Much easier to navigate!
Temple of Solusek Ro – Cleaned up all geometry. Added all NPCs.
The Forgotten Halls – Remapped the zone. Looks great.
The Plane of Hate (v2) – Massive cleanup on colors. Walls are now black, steps are grey, second floors colored differently, added doors. Much easier to tell how to actually move in this zone.
West Freeport – Remapped zone. Looks fantastic compared to original
West Karana – Added all NPCs.

Ruins of Kunark:
Chardok – Colorized different areas to match the EoK map I did. Fixed stairs/doors/etc.
Chardok Halls of Betrayal – Redid entire zone. My new map has straight walls, water, bridges, and all NPCs.
City of Mist – Cleaned up colors between levels. Labeled key doors.
East Cablis – Added all NPCs. Cleaned up maze area.
Field of Bone – 2nd floor cleanup on buildings outside Cablis.
Firiona Vie – moved the good NPCs that were still showing in city to the eastern outpost, fixed their descriptions.
Frontier Mountains – Added mountains to terrain.
Howling Stones – Added trap, one-ways along with clean geometry.
Kaesora – standardized colors, labeled the one-ways going into different areas. Clearly labeled fake floors.
Karnor’s Castle – fixed tons of geometry and added stairs.
Kurn’s Tower – pulled into 3rd model and fixed all the floors, stairs. Colorized different levels.
Lake of Ill Omen – redid the Sarnak fortress in the SW. Redid goblin caves in North, added mountains. Fixed 2nd floors outside Cablis.
Overthere – Added all NPCs.
Skyfire – Added bunch of named mobs. Added mountains to terrain.
Swamp of No Hope – 2nd floor cleanup on buildings outside Cablis.
Temple of Droga – Cleaned up map, including areas where large rooms that were missing interior walls.
Timorous Deep – Added NPCs on islands.Warsliks Wood – 2nd floor cleanup on buildings outside Cablis.
West Cabilis – Added all NPCs. Remapped maze & clearly show the one-ways.
Veeshan’s Peak – Added locked door information & under-lava tunnel.

Scars of Velious
Crystal Caverns – Redid portions of zone and colorized levels to help find way through orc tunnels at zone-in.
Plane of Mischief – Redid the original ZUKAT map. Colorized the different levels.
Siren’s Grotto – Redid under water portions and cleaned up vertical tunnels.
Skyshrine – Redid large portions of zone. Cleaned up and colorized different levels.
Temple of Veeshan – Redid entire southern and northern areas of zone. After clean-up, added stairs & doors. Looks much better!
Thurgadin – Redid portions of zone. Cleaned up and colorized different levels.
Velketor’s Labyrith – Redid almost entire zone. Clearly show icy areas on ramps. Added all NPCs.

Shadows of Luclin
Echo Caverns – Redid geometry. Added all NPCs.
Grieg’s End – Redid about 90% of the zone. None of original lines were straight.  Added doors/stairs. Added all NPCs.
Katta Castellum – Redid buildings. Labeled buildings. Added secret doors / locked doors. Added all NPCs.
Sanctus Seru – Added top floors to the four main towers. Cleaned up Seru’s tower. Added all NPCs. Added NPC timer info to legend.
Shadow Haven – Redid geometry. Added all NPCs.
Shar Val – Colorized levels. Added stairs / doors. Added all NPCs. Ton of work on this zone.
Ssraeshza Temple – Redid geometry. Added lock door info. Looks significantly better.
The Nexus – Cleaned up geometry.
The Twilight Sea – Added all NPCs. Cleaned up western tower.
Umbral Plains – redid caves.

Planes of Power
Overall – I’ve indicated trees on many of the maps with “T” labels. If you are hunting for tradeskill saps, this should help!
Doomfire – redid entire zone from scratch. All the maps I could find had problems with z-axis and height filter would not work.
Eryslai – colorized levels and added labels & all NPCs.
Plane of Disease – fixed southern caves. Cleaned up castle area.
Plane of Justice – cleaned up geometry. Colorized levels.
Plane of Nightmare – Redid the entire zone from scratch. All the maps I found had problems with z-axis and height filter would not work. New map has a lot more detail and clearly shows one-ways.
Plane of Storms – Cleaned up geometry & added “T” markers to show where trees are located to help tradeskillers get sap.
Plane of Torment – Massive redo. Fixed all the multi-level areas clearly showing stairs & doors. Also redid the entire central tower. Added ton of named mobs.
Plane of Tranquility – Added all NPCs. Added all new zones through EoK.
Plane of Valor – Ton of cleanup.
Reef of Coirnav – Colorized upper level from lower level. Cleaned up geometry & added labels.

Legacy of Ykesha
Crypt of Nadox – Cleaned up geometry. Added stairs, labels, NPCs.
Dulak’s Harbor – Cleaned up 50% of zone geometry.
Gulf of Gunthak – Added all NPCs. Cleaned up beach area, houses, and fort areas.
Hate’s Fury – Massive cleanup. Colorized levels, added stairs. Looks much better.

Lost Dungeons of Norrath
Gukta zones – redid all the Gukta zones with colorized levels and labels.

Gates of Discord
Tipt – geometry cleanup
Vxed – geometry cleanup

Dragons of Norrath
Tirranun’s Delve – geometry cleanup
The Accursed Nest – geometry cleanup

Prophecy of Ro
Freeport Academy – redid zone from scratch
Freeport City Hall – redid zone from scratch
Feeport Hall of Truth – redid zone from scratch
Freeport Militia House – redid zone from scratch
Freeport Theater – redid zone from scratch

The Serpent’s Spine
Crescent Reach – Added all NPCs. Cleaned up central tower structure.

House of Thule
Hunter information for all zones at bottom of map

Veil of Alaris
Hunter information for all zones at bottom of map

Rain of Fear
Collection information for all zones at bottom of map
Hunter information for all zones at bottom of map

Call of the Forsaken
Collection information for all zones at bottom of map
Hunter information for all zones at bottom of map

The Darkened Sea
Collection information for all zones at bottom of map
Hunter information for all zones at bottom of map

The Broken Mirror
Collection information for all zones at bottom of map
Hunter information for all zones at bottom of map

Empires of Kunark
Collection information for all zones at bottom of map
Hunter information for all zones at bottom of map


New maps

As I’ve been working my way through EoK, I’ve added quite a few labels. In addition, I saw the hunter information that was on EQResource and added that as well (after standardizing colors & labeling). If you are in EoK, I think you’ll be happy with these changes.

For those on progression servers, I’ve redone a few older maps. Veksar, Shadow Haven (massive cleanup & NPC labeling), Fungus Grove, Netherbian Lair, Greig’s End, and Umbral Plains.

Empires of Kunark maps

Throughout beta, I did quite a bit of mapping.  Final versions of my maps are attached.  Lceanium, Scorched Woods, Frontier Mountains, Korshaext, and Chardoktwo are originals. Drogab is a slightly modified version of a map I cleaned up years ago. For Korshaint, I added Goodurden’s with my standardized labels.

Throughout the beta, I added quite a few hunter mobs to my maps with their locations. Final release may vary…

Empires of Kunark Maps

How big is EverQuest?

I started wondering how big EverQuest was in terms of square miles.  After searching around the internet to no avail, I wrote a small program to give the coordinate differences, calculate square feet, and then total the miles.

Grand total: 294.1 Square Miles*

*Note: Should be a bit higher, but missing a few instanced zones that I’m going to find and map.

Top 5 biggest zones (numbers are in square miles):
1. Iceclad Ocean: 20.1
2. Timorous Deep: 11.0
3. Ocean of Tears: 7.0
4. Eastern Wastes: 5.3
5. Zxeishi’s Awakening: 5.3

Perhaps after the next expansion, EverQuest will have over 300 square miles of territory.

New set of map files

Posted a full set of the map files that I use.  518 main zones, 1500+ files.

In this collection, I included maps I made:
Plane of Health
Plane of Life
Plane of Decay
Plane of Hate
Tower of Rot
Castle Mistmoore
The Hole
Tons of cleanup on GoD maps.
Hundreds of hunter locations through Veil of Alaris.

Best of all, these are all color coded to the same scheme all the other files use.


Have any maps?

Over the years, I have downloaded, created or re-mapped an enormous number of maps in EverQuest.  Unfortunately, this led to enormous inconsistencies.  I took it upon my self to redo almost a thousand files.  I’ve added a menu to this website with a download of all the files. MAPS

Main features of these maps:

* Zone files separated into three portions: Main file for geometry, second file for labels, and third file for coordinates.

* Distinct colors for: Zones (red), Teleports/Secret Doors (Yellow), Location Name (White), Bankers (Gold), Merchants (Green), Parcels/Special Currency Vendors(Bright Green), Quest givers (Teal), Raid givers (Bright Teal), Named/Hunter (Brown), Tradeskill Containers (Purple), Special Tradeskill Containers (Pink), GM’s (Grey), Ground spawn (Blue), and a few others.

* Font size for important features, such as zones are large, other labels are medium, and ground spawns are small.

* Coordinates show a red X with 0,0 with all four combinations of positive negative locations.

* Full credits given to original authors if known.