Ring of Scale maps

Ring of Scale maps:

* Frontier Mountains (EoK) – shows connection to RoS
* Scorched Woods (EoK) – shows connection to RoS
* The Overthere (RoS) – new! 2017.10.26 – updated! 2017.10.31
* The Skyfire Mountains (RoS) – new! 2017.10.26 – updated! 2017.10.31
* The Howling Stone (RoS)  – new! 2017.10.30 – updated! 2017.10.31
* Sathir’s Tomb (RoS) – new! 2017.10.30 – updated! 2017.10.31
* Gorowyn (RoS) – updated! 2017.11.02. Towers, stairs, lava done. Did lava similar to Temple of Veeshan. Don’t fall into that area!

Overall, all the maps look really good, even as I edit in 3D modeling tool. As I complete quests, I will be adding location information and other notes to the maps.

If you want a full set of maps, first download the Brewall set and then install the RoS maps afterwards.


The Broken Mirror

The EverQuest World Map has been updated to reflect the zones in The Broken Mirror expansion.  Fear & Hate instances are off the Plane of Tranquility.

You can reach the Plane of Health by clicking on the crystal on the eastern side of the island.

Also included in this update is the connection from the Plane of War (mine area) to Drunder.

I’m doing a final clean-up of the zone files and will be loading them soon.