Merry Christmas – New EverQuest World Map

An early Christmas present to everyone.  An updated EverQuest world map showing the zones and connections with The Darkened Sea.  In this version, I also corrected the old zone links I had from Veeshan’s Peak (just in case you go there).  If you see something that is incorrect, just contact me in game.

EverQuest World Map

EverQuest World Map

Brewall’s Ultimate EverQuest World Map


The new version of the EverQuest world map has arrived!  Hard to believe that the last version was created over five years ago.  Upon returning to EverQuest, I thought I could just use my old map and add the new zones; I was very much mistaken.  The EQ team added an enormous amount of content and it was virtually impossible to add all the new zones.  After struggling with it for a few months, I gave up, re-did the entire map, and started adding each expansion.

In this version, I have tried to create a very high resolution file that could be used on a monitor or printed in large format.  As new zones come out, I’ll keep it up to date, and will add any corrections sent my way.

In closing, thanks to everyone in Stone Coven.  When I came back to EQ after a five-year hiatus, I wasn’t sure what lay in store, but old guild mates sent me tells within minutes of logging back in, and I have not been disappointed. Thanks to everyone who has helped me in my explorations.

If you have any questions or would like to send me comments, send me a tell or email in-game.