New version of world map

Made some minor modifications to the world map.  While re-visiting Solusek B, I discovered that the zone to Qeynos Catacombs was changed to Solusek A.  While logical, it was a great shortcut prior to Plane of Knowledge.

Minor layout changes to Underfoot, Health clicky, and a few other tweaks where lines mismatched slightly.

How big is EverQuest?

I started wondering how big EverQuest was in terms of square miles.  After searching around the internet to no avail, I wrote a small program to give the coordinate differences, calculate square feet, and then total the miles.

Grand total: 294.1 Square Miles*

*Note: Should be a bit higher, but missing a few instanced zones that I’m going to find and map.

Top 5 biggest zones (numbers are in square miles):
1. Iceclad Ocean: 20.1
2. Timorous Deep: 11.0
3. Ocean of Tears: 7.0
4. Eastern Wastes: 5.3
5. Zxeishi’s Awakening: 5.3

Perhaps after the next expansion, EverQuest will have over 300 square miles of territory.

New set of map files

Posted a full set of the map files that I use.  518 main zones, 1500+ files.

In this collection, I included maps I made:
Plane of Health
Plane of Life
Plane of Decay
Plane of Hate
Tower of Rot
Castle Mistmoore
The Hole
Tons of cleanup on GoD maps.
Hundreds of hunter locations through Veil of Alaris.

Best of all, these are all color coded to the same scheme all the other files use.


The Broken Mirror

The EverQuest World Map has been updated to reflect the zones in The Broken Mirror expansion.  Fear & Hate instances are off the Plane of Tranquility.

You can reach the Plane of Health by clicking on the crystal on the eastern side of the island.

Also included in this update is the connection from the Plane of War (mine area) to Drunder.

I’m doing a final clean-up of the zone files and will be loading them soon.

New collection of maps

I just published zip file containing all the maps I use (link). Thousands of additional mob/named/locations. Other highlights:

* The Hole – completely redone.
* Tower of Rot – completely redone.
* Field of Bone B
* Ship MVU
* Ship PVU
* Ship UVU
* Ship MVM
* Ship MVP

Have any maps?

Over the years, I have downloaded, created or re-mapped an enormous number of maps in EverQuest.  Unfortunately, this led to enormous inconsistencies.  I took it upon my self to redo almost a thousand files.  I’ve added a menu to this website with a download of all the files. MAPS

Main features of these maps:

* Zone files separated into three portions: Main file for geometry, second file for labels, and third file for coordinates.

* Distinct colors for: Zones (red), Teleports/Secret Doors (Yellow), Location Name (White), Bankers (Gold), Merchants (Green), Parcels/Special Currency Vendors(Bright Green), Quest givers (Teal), Raid givers (Bright Teal), Named/Hunter (Brown), Tradeskill Containers (Purple), Special Tradeskill Containers (Pink), GM’s (Grey), Ground spawn (Blue), and a few others.

* Font size for important features, such as zones are large, other labels are medium, and ground spawns are small.

* Coordinates show a red X with 0,0 with all four combinations of positive negative locations.

* Full credits given to original authors if known.

Merry Christmas – New EverQuest World Map

An early Christmas present to everyone.  An updated EverQuest world map showing the zones and connections with The Darkened Sea.  In this version, I also corrected the old zone links I had from Veeshan’s Peak (just in case you go there).  If you see something that is incorrect, just contact me in game.

EverQuest World Map

EverQuest World Map

Mistmoore Map

I was in Castle Mistmoore recently, and the in-game map was absolutely horrible.  I thought I could just touch it up, but wound up redoing the entire map of the zone from scratch. Replace your current TXT file with the one attached below before your next visit.